Featured Recipe: Nama Chocolate from Just one Cookbook

I love Japanese food, which is a big influence in the Peruvian contemporary kitchen. Peruvian and Japanese food are a match made in heaven, the result is what we call Nikkei food. I am making a note to share a Nikkei recipe with you soon!

It is such an inspiration to find traditional recipes explained so well and with so much love as Nami Chen does in her blog Just One Cookbook. Nami replaces rice with quinoa in some traditional recipes with great success, but this time I decided to share her recipe of Nama Chocolate since this is a wonderful japanese treat that not many people I know know about. It is absolutely delicious and delicate. This is the japanese version of a truffle, I tried it in Tokyo for the first time some years ago and still remember how I succumbed to the flavour of the tiny square I tried.

Thanks to Nami, I can now dare to prepare it at home with my favorite peruvian dark chocolate! Hope you enjoy it!

 Nama Chocolate from Just One Cookbook

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