Most of us agree that healthy food is good for everyone. It improves our health, give us more energy and clears our minds. In recent years there has been an increased focus on super foods around the world, and many of these wonderful natural products have their origin in the blessed land I come from, Peru. We Peruvians are used to hearing from our grandmothers (as they did from theirs) that some foods have healing, almost medicinal powers. These wise women ensure that the next generations embrace these local super products in their daily diet, many times without you even being aware that these ancestral knowledge is transferred to you. This “nutritional legacy”, together with a greater interest in Peruvian superfood from my dear Norwegian friends, are the main reasons why I started a blog in Norwegian called Peruansk Supermat, which I invite you to visit if you are interested in information about Peruvian superfood from the perspective of a Peruvian living in Norway.

In PeruvianSuperfood you will find information about super products from Peru, the social impact that we as consumers are making for the Peruvian producers behind these amazing products,  Peruvian Chefs using these super products in their creations while leading the Peruvian culinary revolution as well as recipes from foodies around the world.

Hope you find this blog interesting!


Ana Maria PSF




    1. Hi Sylvia! many thanks for your comment and the mention. What a great blog you have, love it and will definitively try and share your creations! Thank you for sharing you experience in Peru, It is so wonderful to see my country through your superfoodista eyes, Big hug from Norway!

  1. Hi Ana Maria! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!😉 So happy you liked it!! Yes, Peru was such a wonderful experience – what a nice country you are from. And the food is one of my favorite! It’s great to be in touch, and nice to have a similar topic😉 Take care & big hug back from Miami!! Sylvia

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