How to prepare Cañihua / Kaniwa / Baby Quinoa?

Recently I have been asked about baby quinoa, which I found out is how kaniwa (cañihua) is being called. The procedure is similar to cooking quinoa, except for the advantage that it does not contain saponine, which makes the preparation even simpler. Here are some of my favorite recipes on Pinterest, which include detailed steps on how to prepare this amazing andean grain, hope you enjoy them!

Peruvian Kaniwa / Canihua  -  Recipes

Featured Recipe: Kaniwa and Coconut Pancakes from Green Kitchen Stories

Gorgeous idea for Sunday’s brunch: Kaniwa Pancakes! What a delicious recipe from David, Luise and Elsa, the wonderful Scandinavia family behind the amazing vegan blog Green Kitchen Stories.

They are currently busy working on a book which I cannot wait to buy, and this is the carnivorous Peruvian talking, can only imagine the excitement of my vegetarian friends!!!


Kaniwa and Coconut Pancakes from Green Kitchen Stories

  • Pancakes: eggs, bananas, coconut milk, cooked kaniwa, coconut flakes, salt, cinnamon, cardamom, coconut oil / Syrup: cherries, prunes, lemon, agave syrup, ground clove
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